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So why should you book your event with PM Mobile Disco Services? There are many DJs running many different mobile disco companies in the area, so why choose this one? Here are just a few points that may help you decide:

  • I have £10 million Public Liability Insurance cover.

  • I charge a reasonable, competitive price for the high quality service that I provide.

  • You can place requests in advance for any special songs you would like to hear during your event. Of course any requests that you or your guests may have will be welcomed during the event as well, but taking advance request ensures that I have the songs you'd like with me at your event. Note that any advance requests should be made at least 1 week prior to the event to allow time to track down any I don't already have.

  • I have a very wide selection of music (1950s-current). A recent copy of my music catalogue is available on request, or may be downloaded from the "music catalogue" section of this site. As mentioned above, I will endeavour to obtain any song that does not appear in my collection given a minimum of 1 week's notice.

  • I play music that has general mass appeal and that people are likely to want to dance to. I aim to ensure that I do not play anything that could cause offence to anyone present, whether this be due to their race, gender, religion, etc. Of course if there are any less obvious specifc songs you'd like me to avoid, these can be made known to me in advance (e.g. at your wedding, you probably wouldn't want to hear the song that was you and your ex-partner's "song" as one of the slow dances!).

  • A range of equipment is available to provide your disco. I will choose an appropriate set of equipment to suit the size of the venue and the type of event.

  • As I own all the equipment that I use, I can ensure it is properly maintained and treated with care to ensure its continued reliability. To ensure that your disco looks and sounds as good as possible, all my equipment is modern and has been designed for professional use. The high quality sound systems used can be adjusted to suit the smallest or largest of function rooms. The lights will not consist of several coloured bulbs flashing on and off. Instead, the dance floor will be covered with colour and with beams of light moving to the music. I have invested heavily in the best equipment available over the years. This is an ongoing process - some new sound and lighting equipment is purchased every year as new products become available, and likewise, older equipment is retired.

  • I offer a reliable service. If I am booked to perform at a certain time, then I will be ready to perform at that time, not an hour or two later (subject, of course, to third party delays - e.g. if your meal runs late and I can't get into the room to set up until later, this is obviously outside of my control). I always arrive well before the start time of the event to give plenty of time to set up equipment and perform checks before the event starts. Backup equipment is available if required.

  • A large amount of the work I do originates from word-of-mouth, referrals and recommendations. It is extremely satisfying for me to know that people have been so pleased with the entertainment I've provided for them that they've recommended me to their family, friends and colleagues.

  • My name is Paul Mulvenna. Thank you for your interest in PM Mobile Disco Services. I set up PM Mobile Disco Services in 1992, shortly after performing at my first paid disco (at a local youth club). I quickly became known for providing a professional service to my customers and built up a reputation for being a reliable DJ as there were (and still are) so many stories about DJs letting customers down by either not showing up, or by providing a poor quality service (e.g. playing music they liked themselves with no regard for the customer and their guests, or believing they could become "a DJ" overnight because they'd just bought some cheap equipment).

    I have been working as a DJ, playing a wide variety of musical styles for an extensive range of events, in venues across Ireland (North and South), since 1992. Today, with many years experience in the business, you can rest assured that you and your guests will have a great time at your event when you book me to provide your entertainment. Whatever the occasion, the chances are I have performed at many similar events over the years, whether it is a wedding / civil partnership, a birthday party, an anniversary party, a student night, a Christmas or New Year's party, a children's party, a "retro" night, a charity fundraiser, a christening, a corporate event, a promo event in a retail outlet, or any other event you would like to organise! Since 2001 I have specialised in wedding entertainment but I still regularly play at many other types of events.


    A question I'm often asked is "Where do you work?" and the answer is simply "Wherever the event is!". Most events I perform at take place in venues across Northern Ireland and the border counties of the Rep. of Ireland, but I do offer my services anywhere on the island of Ireland (and beyond if necessary).

    I aim to ensure that my rates are competitive for the high quality, professional service that I provide. I'm certainly not claiming to be the cheapest disco in the country - the cheapest disco isn't going to be the best one, and likewise the most expensive one is probably just ripping you off! What I am claiming is that you get what you pay for and I always charge a fair price for what you are getting. In fact many customers have commented after their events that they think I should be charging a lot more!

    For a free quotation for your event, please get in touch with my management at Glen Houston Entertainment.

    Choose between the Full Night Package for up to 6 hours of music, or the After Band Package where only 3 hours or less of music are needed.
    I have been a professional DJ since 1992.

    Initially I focused primarily on pub and club residencies, working at many of the country's top venues while also DJing at events such as weddings and birthday parties. Since 2001 I have specialised in Wedding Entertainment and have now provided evening entertainment for thousands of brides & grooms, grooms & grooms and brides & brides at venues across Ireland north and south.
    Choice of Music
    Requests are always welcome both in advance and during the event.

    What usually works best is if you provide a handful (e.g. 10-20 songs) that you'd like to hear during the night, leaving time for guest requests and for me to include songs that "fit the moment". However you are free to choose none or all of the music if you prefer (although at weddings I'd rather you choose your own first dance obviously!)
    Insurance and equipment safety
    I have £10m of Public Liability Insurance cover and all my equipment is PAT tested for electrical safety at least annually.

    A copy of insurance and PAT Tester calibration certificates are available on request - some venues require these before performance can take place.

    Get in touch for a free quotation for your event now

    Glen Houston Entertainment manage all bookings for PM Mobile Disco Services
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