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Music Requests// Request music for your event

When you book a disco with PM Mobile Disco Services, you are free to choose as much or as little of the music that is played on the night as you wish. Making requests in advance is completely optional as I am more than happy to take requests from you and your guests on the night and to play a wide range of music to suit the ages and tastes of you and your guests.

What usually works best is if you supply a handful of your own favourites as well as any key songs that your closest friends and family will definitely want to hear. This means I can ensure I have copies of these in time for your event, but that there is plenty of time for requests to be made on the night, and for me to choose appropriate music that should keep the dancefloor busy throughout the evening. However, if you'd rather choose music for more of the disco, or indeed not choose any requests at all, this is fine too!

Assuming you would like to choose some of the music, there are some guidelines that you should bear in mind as over 50% of request lists received have far more songs on them than can be played in the amount of time that the event will last for! Another common mistake is that people list lots of songs that might be great to listen to in the house or in the car, but are totally "undanceable" and will clear the floor at any disco! So, some pointers:
An average song lasts 3-4 minutes. Therefore, each hour, 15-20 songs can be played. This means that 75-100 songs can be played in total during a 5 hour event.
If you are choosing more than 40 songs for your event, up to 40 of the songs should be marked as "must play". The rest should be left as "play if possible" so that if things run behind etc I know which songs are your favourites.
Remember to allow for the fact that your guests will request music themselves during the night. However, I will not play songs that you have selected as "Do not play" even if guests do request them. Likewise, I will never play anything I consider may be controversial or offensive to anyone present (e.g. due to race, gender, religion, etc.).
At most events, a single slow set consisting of 3-4 songs (in addition to the first few dances at a wedding) is all the audience will usually want. A second slow set could be included at longer-than-average functions or would also be popular at formals.
For each song you are requesting, consider how danceable it is and whether or not the majority of people invited to your event are likely to appreciate it. While you may love heavy metal or trance music, will the majority of your extended family really want to hear a couple of hours of it? Non-danceable songs should be avoided, but a couple that can be played at "quiet times" during the evening would be OK if you really, really want to have them played!
To make requests in advance, all you need to do is to list the artists and titles of the songs you are requesting in a Word document or in an email and to me. Please send music requests an absolute minimum of one week before your event - the earlier the better.

If you need any inspiration you can take a look at my current Music Catalogue but bear in mind this is not an exclusive list of songs I can play - it's just a list of most of the music I currently own. If you would like a song at your disco that is not in the catalogue I will do my best to obtain a copy before your event.
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